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Did You Know You Can Get Carbonated Water Coolers?

Did You Know You Can Get Carbonated Water Coolers?

At The Water Cooler Company, we are all about innovative hydration solutions. Did you know that we stock a range of carbonated water coolers? They are a dynamic, modern twist on the good old office water cooler.


Our range of carbonated water coolers are multifunctional workhorses which are guaranteed to meet the needs of your business. All of our carbonated water coolers are plumbed in, meaning there is always a constant flow of chilled sparkling water at your disposal. These water coolers need to be placed within three meters of your water mains without additional plumbing.


What Is Carbonated Water?


Sparkling water is a refreshing alternative to normal H20 and can also be mixed with other beverages or flavouring. Did we mention it’s a great way to stay hydrated?


Our Range of Borg and Overström Carbonated Water Coolers


Borg and Overström offers a sleek and contemporary range of water coolers, which incorporate innovative design and top-of-the-line technology. If you are looking for an efficient carbonated water cooler, then we are sure to have the perfect solution for you. You can view our full range here.


For more information on our carbonated water cooler or to find the perfect solution for you, you can give one of our hydration specialists a call on 0845 500 4455. Alternatively you can request a free quote on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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