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Office & Workplace

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Office & Workplace

Being dehydrated is not ideal in any situation, least of all at work where energy and concentration are key. Therefore the installation of a water dispenser is an excellent way to encourage staff to keep up their water intake in the office.

Provide your staff with a continuous supply of fresh drinking water at an affordable price. It’s important to have an easily accessible water supply in the office environment, not only to prevent dehydration but to keep your team working at their very best. Studies have shown people who drink more water can perform at an optimal level throughout the day compared to those who do not drink much water.

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Having a water cooler or drinking water fountain within walking distance to your desk will help to remind you and your staff to keep hydrated.



It’s important that staff can refill their water bottles or cups easily. We offer a large range of water appliances; including hands-free dispensing options.



Our high-quality, tested products provide delicious bottled mineral and filtered water on demand. You and your team will notice the difference instantly.

We can help you decide which products are best suited to your workplace.

There are a number of different water dispensers to consider for office environments, from direct
chill water systems, refreshing sparkling coolers, or hot taps for those morning cups of coffee.

Products we recommend for the Office & Workplace

Hygiene range for total peace of mind

Rental options are also available

We understand that sometimes buying an appliance isn’t always convenient for everybody.
That’s why we offer a range of rental packages at great prices to suit your needs and budget.

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Flexibility & ease


Affordable prices

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Total peace of mind




We have high-quality products suitable for any office size; from smaller teams to large businesses in need of high-capacity water dispensers.

  • Choice of either a bottled or plumbed water cooler
  • Rental packages include installation and aftercare
  • Regular water cooler sanitisation

Easy, fast UK water delivery

Enjoy a ready supply of fresh, healthy, pure water. It's simple when you rent a water cooler dispenser.

  • Bottled water for water cooler dispensers
  • Bulk discounts available on packs of bottled water
  • Perfect solutions for any size office or workplace

Great deals for back to work

Fantastic deals and offers exclusive for offices going back to work.
Welcome your team back with everything they need to stay healthy and hydrated.


Contactless & touch-free solutions
for complete peace of mind

We provide a wide range of contactless bottle-fillers, drinking fountains, and water cooler dispensers with hands-free operation to refill glasses and cups; ensuring safety in a post-COVID office environment.

Provide an effective solution to your office with a hygienic, risk-free drinking water appliance.


Introducing the Zip HydroTap;
The ultimate workplace hydration

Proudly providing the tastiest, healthiest drinking water to some of the UK’s leading companies for over a decade.

The Zip HydroTap offers a long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to workplace hydration.

Zip Taps
Case study

Campus, Reading International

In 2021, we provided drinking water coolers to Campus; a modern business park in Reading that is building the workspaces of the future.

Sustainability is a large part of their mission for a great working environment, and we are proud to have provided them with a range of drinking water stations throughout the development.

Read our case study

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