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Case Studies

Case Studies

We are committed to creating bespoke hydration solutions for all kinds of environments, no matter the size. From schools to football stadiums, we've got you covered. Here are some examples of our work with major clients across the UK.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Requirements – Vandal resistant heavy-duty drinking fountain and Bottle Filling Station. Unit to have counter to show the amount of single-use plastic bottles saved from landfills. WRAS approved. Must be suitable for match day crowds. Supply only. 

Our approach – Consulted with client over a range of products which met the criteria of the initial requirements. 

We identified and sourced the most suitable product, from the USA. 

Outcome – Supply of 23 Vandal-Resistant Bottle Filling Station along with spare parts.

Lord's Cricket Ground

Requirements – To provide bottle filling hydration points for match day visitors and staff. To supply and install units that must be durable, graded for outdoor use and wall mounted.

Our approach - Initial consultation to understand the requirements and put forward product ideas.

Engineer survey to determine adequate locations for installation.

Provide technical and performance information on chosen units.

Outcome – Supply and installation of 25 Oasis PWSMSBF Wall Mounted Bottle Filling Stations with ongoing support.

Marks & Spencers

Requirements – To provide a water bottle refill station for M&S shoppers within their stores. Unit must be stylish, robust and designed for frequent use.

Our approach - Initial consultation to understand the requirements and put forward product ideas. Engineer survey to determine adequate locations for installations. Provide technical and performance information on chosen unit.

Outcome – Supply of Vandal-Resistant Bottle Filling Stations along with spare parts with ongoing servicing and maintenance.

OCS Group - Highfields and Penn Fields School

Requirements – To replace existing fountains throughout the school. Units currently installed are not durable enough or offer a high enough capacity to keep up with demand. Units needed to be high capacity, durable, have bottle filling and direct drink capabilities. 

Our approach – Site survey/meeting and consultation 

Due to the requirements and installation limitations, we had to customise units to be fit for purpose. 

Provide technical drawings of the propose customized units. 

Outcome – Supply and installation of 6 Niagara Water Coolers, 6 Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains and 1 Bottle Filling Station. Provide ongoing support.


Emanuel School, Battersea, London

We provided hands-free bottle refill stations and drinking fountains for Emanuel School in Battersea, South London. The requirement was for safe drinking water solutions as the school reopened following the coronavirus pandemic. From Chris Wright, Estates Director:

“The school have been impressed by The Water Cooler Company’s high standard of customer service. Responses to enquiries and quotations have been prompt and goods have arrived within days of orders being placed. Furthermore, the filling stations are competitively priced, reliable, easy to install and attractive. The installation of the bottle filling stations have been an integral part of the schools COVID control measures so excellent customer service is critical from the schools preferred suppliers.”

University of Westminster, London

University of Westminster, London

Requirements - The University of Westminster came to us asking for bottle filling solutions across their campuses. The university requested high quality, hygienic, and sustainable drinking water solutions as the university reopened following the coronavirus pandemic. They wanted the units to be branded with their bespoke branding, in line with their University colours.

Outcome - We provided a total of 24 bottle fillers, a mixture of Refill Stations and PWSMEBQ Surface Mount units. These hands-free bottle refill stations. The sensor operated hands-free design provides optimal hygiene and safety by reducing the spread of germs. The LED screen displays the total amount of bottles filled, encouraging students to refill their bottles sustainably rather than purchasing single-use plastic bottles. We provided the custom made bespoke design at no additional cost, which elegantly ties in with the university’s branding.

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