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World Refill Day 2021

World Refill Day 2021

The Water Cooler Company6/14/2021Hydration Advice
Wednesday 16th June 2021 is the annual World Refill Day. Today, we'd like to share some tips on how you can do your bit towards reducing plastic-waste when keeping hydrated.

Even China says no to plastic!

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company3/4/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water

The Plastic-free Revolution is just beginning!

A more sustainable world is a dream which 2020 could turn into a concrete project. All the more so if a great power like China is at the forefront. The Middle Empire sets serious intentions, starting from the intervention plan resented by the Commission for Development and Reforms. Objective: to decrease the use of plastic throughout the country and to promote biodegradable and recyclable alternative materials.

Water is precious: 8 simple tips on how to save water at home

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company3/4/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water

The reduction in potable water consumption is one of the priorities of Agenda 2030 UN. We can all contribute to a more sustainable development through more careful and responsible choices. Here's where to start.

We must be conscious of our domestic water consumption water consumption, remembering that saving water means polluting less. In fact, water requires a lot of energy to be purified, purified and transported. Consumption by water infrastructure is estimated at 0.83 kWh / m3, or 2.1% of the national energy requirement.

How much water do you drink in the office? Let’s talk plastic bottles, micro-plastics and plastic-free hydration

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company3/3/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water

Some people forget to drink water, others always have a bottle of water on their desk, while others reach for plastic bottled water. Whichever person you identify with, there are three important things to know...

1. Water is essential for physiological processes.
2. Tap water contains harmful micro-plastics.
3. Choosing plastic bottled water has a huge environmental impact.

Bioplastic: What is it and what are its advantages?

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company3/3/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water

The serious environmental pollution caused by single-use plastic has led the quest for an alternative, more sustainable material to stem traditional oil-based plastic use and production.

Among the possible alternatives there is bioplastic, an environmentally friendly material made with renewable raw materials such as algae, sugar cane, wheat, corn starch, vegetable oils, potatoes, and tapioca. Bioplastics will allow us to give up oil, the essential basis of the familiar disposable single-use water bottles.

M&S extend trial of plastic-free food refill scheme

M&S water refill station

Marks & Spencer have extended a trial of their refill scheme, where shoppers can refill their own containers with food. We were thrilled to learn that M&S report 25 of 44 of their products offered 'loose' have outsold packaged equivalents. This is a positive step by a major UK retailer in trying to address the problem of single-use plastic waste.
The Climate Impacts of the Plastic Lifecycle

The Climate Impacts of the Plastic Lifecycle

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company1/21/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water
We already know that the Earth is polluted by plastic. Our oceans are choking on the stuff and our beaches are littered with it. As if that wasn’t already bad enough, nearly every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel and Greenhouse gases are emitted at each stage of the plastic lifecycle, from its production to its degradation long after its use.