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The world's most advanced drinking water appliance

As part of the Culligan family, we are excited to present you with our range of Zip HydroTaps. Zip Water has been manufacturing instant water systems since 1947, offering only the highest quality products and services and is recognised for their innovation worldwide. The Zip HydroTap provides instantly filtered, pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap.

Unparalleled design

Unparalleled design

With a wide choice of beautiful models, designs, durable colours and finishes, Zip offers water and style at its best to suit any room and space.

The best water you can drink

The best water you can drink

Zip HydroTaps offer 25 times more effective filtration than a standard water filter jug; making them the best of any instant filtered water tap in the world.

Cutting-edge performance

Cutting-edge performance

Perfected over 70 years of development and innovation, the HydroTap is not only easy to maintain, but its exclusive features save energy, water, and time.

World-class smart technology for your office and home

Variety of finishes
A range of stylish and durable colour finish options to suit any room.

Dispense Height
The height of the tap is specially designed to accommodate large glasses and bottles to fill with ease.

Flow Rate
Choose from one of the Zip’s impressive flow rates so you can dispense to any team size.

Font & Riser options
The Font & Riser allows the tap to stand alone on a countertop surface. The Zip HydroTap can also be installed over sink if you prefer.

Unparalleled design

For offices and homes

Staying hydrated has never been easier with the HydroTap range; offering irresistible filtered water, having a huge impact on
health and wellbeing.

The best water you can drink

Completely safe & easy to use

Simple to operate, with unique safety features including boiling isolation, cool touch tap and safety lock. We also stock a brand new
touch free model.

Cutting-edge performance

Advanced technology

Instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water is delivered instantly with a touch of a button, meaning no energy or time is wasted waiting for water to boil or chill.

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Chilled, Boiling & Sparkling water instantly

The Zip Hydrotap delivers premium filtered chilled, boiling and sparkling water all in one stylish appliance. World leading water filtration, cutting edge energy efficiency technology, unique safety features and a trusted track record across the globe mean you can be confident when choosing a Zip HydroTap.


Air Cooling Technology

Energy efficient so not a drop of water wasted.


Smart energy saving

Auto sleep functions reduce power consumption by up to 30%


Power Pulse Technology

Continuously maintains stored boiling water to within 0.2 degrees Celsius of your set temperature.


A sustainable choice

The highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability

When you order a Zip HydroTap with The Water Cooler Company, you get...

2 Years Free HydroCare

If you are interested in a HydroCare™ service plan, please speak with our team.

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We’re proud to sell tried and tested, high-quality products for both workplaces and homes.


Our trained engineers offer installation and maintenance packages nationwide.

Customer Service

A friendly, expert customer service team to help with any queries or advice you may need.

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