Our Green Policy

Our Green Policy

Caring for the Environment

We truly care about the welfare of our planet. Concern for the environment is a fundamental part of The Water Cooler Company business strategy and our environmental approach applies to all areas of our business, from our product range to our companies internal operations. Our Green Policy works to minimise pollution and the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment in connection with our business operations. We carefully consider the environmental impact of our services and we are always looking to provide sustainable solutions for our customers. While we can work to minimise the direct environmental impact we have, we are aware that our operations and our products will always have some environmental footprint, but we are always aiming for continuous improvement.

We are the Sustainable Drinks Choice

It might not be obvious at first, but water dispensers such as Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations are a highly sustainable drinks choice. Unfortunately, the most widespread means to water consumption is through single-use plastic bottles, with a staggering 1 million bottles bought around the world every minute. However, water consumption via a water dispenser replaces the need for harmful plastic bottles and serves as a far more sustainable option. Water machines such as Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations provide the same great-tasting, filtered water as bottled water, but they eliminate plastic bottles ending up in landfills and polluting our earth.

Sustainable Products

  • Our Plumbed Water Coolers, Bottle Filling Stations, Drinking Water Fountains eliminate the detrimental environmental impacts of water extraction, transportation, and packaging associated with single-use plastic bottled water
  • Our Bottled Water Coolers are green too! On average, each water cooler bottle is re-used and refilled 40-50 times, and once they reach the end of their life, they are recycled with a typical bottle scrappage rate of only 2%. A wide variety of products can be then made from the recycled bottle material
  • We stock a number of environmentally-friendly water accessories such as biodegradable cups and cup recycling bins
  • Our sales team always encourage customers to facilitate the best possible environmental practices in the manufacturing and installation chain, and promote the recycling of materials

Environmentally-Friendly Business Operations

  • We work closely with suppliers to ensure that all our operations are as efficient as possible and source and promote a product range that is as environmentally-friendly as possible
  • All computers in our offices are shut down and switched off when not in use
  • We have looked at all areas of our internal operations and have tried to maximise recycling. Although London councils do not supply recycling options for business customers we now take these products directly to municipal facilities ourselves
  • Where possible all batteries, toner, cardboard, paper, cans, and plastics are kept to a minimum and recycled
  • Within our fleet we have electric cars to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We are working within the European directive for refrigerant recycling, WEEE, when our water dispensers come to the end of their working life