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Contactless & UV Filtration | The Water Cooler Company

Maximum Hygiene | Ultimate Safety

The safest drinking water experience available. Introducing our range of contactless and UV bottle-filling stations, drinking fountains, and water cooler dispensers.


Hygienic solutions for complete peace of mind

Pure water


UV sterlisation and filtration giving you the purest drinking water

Kill bacteria and viruses


Eliminate harmful pathogens at the point of dispense


hand symbol

Hands-free operation - zero contact required to dispense water


Be smart and refill. No need for single-use plastic bottles

Contactless, hands-free dispensing

Contactless bottle-fillers & fountains

The electronic sensor activated bottle filler provides you with clean and safe water without the risk of touching high-use buttons that could harbour dangerous pathogens.

Contactless water cooler dispensers

Foot pedal operation eliminates risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

UV filtration: providing you with the safest, cleanest water you can drink

How it works

UV-C ultraviolet rays are directed at the drinking water, destroying the microscopic organism DNA of any harmful viruses & bacteria.


Kill bacteria

UV-C light kills 99.99% of bacteria in water, making it the cleanest and safest water you can drink.

In-line UV filter

In-line UV filters are a highly effective water steriliser, removing any micro-organisms that might enter the water way.

uv out

UV out

The water is treated with UV-C right at the point of dispense to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens in seconds.


Hygiene Innovation

We provide the latest innovations in hygienic hydration from the world’s leading drinking water manufacturers, including: OASIS, Blu Pura, and Borg & Overström. The water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh – it must be fresh and completely free of contamination.

Explore the range

Explore our range of hygienic drinking fountains, bottle filling stations, and water coolers.


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Our engineers are full qualified and WHA accredited. Installation is offered nationwide.



Our engineers carry out regular maintenance and sanitisation visits to maintain maximum hygiene levels for your appliance.



We offer a call-out service and commit to deal with any issues with your machine to ensure minimum disruption.



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