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Where To Buy A Water Dispenser

Where To Buy A Water Dispenser

The demand in the water dispensers market has boomed over the last decade. These once simple water dispensing machines has evolved from its former eye-sore white and bulky selves. Today, these machines come in many shapes, sizes and with multiple functionalities. You are either reading this article to find a new supplier or are a first-time buyer and not really sure where to buy a water dispenser. In either case, we are here to help.

To start the process off let’s discern between the different types of water dispenser that are available on the market.

Before we do, just a quick note – water dispenser is an all-encompassing word for types of water coolers that dispense hot, cold or room temperature water.

Bottled Water Dispenser

These are the typical types water coolers you would see in most office spaces and homes. As their name suggests, water is fed to the machine through a water bottle – these come in either 12-litre, 15-litre or 19-litre quantities. The tank then chills or heats and water is dispensed through the taps.

The advantage of these machines is that they don’t consume much electricity and are the most affordable range of water coolers available.  You will also find that these are the types of water dispensers that you could actually rent from a water cooler providers instead of purchasing.

Mains Water Dispenser

This type of water dispenser is also known as a plumbed water cooler and is directly connected to the mains water supply. These types of machines can even produce carbonated water. As they are a long-term hydration solution, they are more expensive upfront but once installed you don’t need to order water bottles and have access to a constant supply of water in a variety of temperatures.

What Factors You Should Consider Before Making Your Choice

  • Thinking about getting a water cooler with a hot option it is essential that you get one with a child safety spigot. This mechanism prevents burns from accidental pulls on the hot tap lever.
  • You need to evaluate which type of water cooler you are going to need. As a general rule, mains water dispensers are ideal for companies with over 25 people and bottled water dispensers for those with less. Now, it’s important that you consider space. If you have limited space or want to put your water cooler on a table top, you need to go for the counter top water dispenser model.
  • To purchase or to rent? Rentals are an affordable option for those who do not want to purchase a machine and don’t want to take on the responsibility of taking care of the machine. You can rent a water dispenser for both long-term and short-term period. Purchasing a machine requires cash up front and care of the machine is in your hands.

Now that you know the considerations before you buy a water dispenser, contact one of us at The Water Cooler Company to rent or purchase your water dispenser today. Call us on 0845 500 4455, purchase through our website or chat with us on Live Chat.

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