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Where Should You Put Your Water Cooler?

Where Should You Put Your Water Cooler?

Having a water cooler in the office is a great way to keep your employees hydrated and your staff social. It is a place for people to brainstorm and talk freely about ideas. An important aspect to consider is where in the office your water cooler would work best. We’ve listed a few prime spots below.

The Reception Area

The reception area is normally the first place that is seen when people visit your offices. This area is the ideal place for visitors quench their thirst before they enter your work space. The-Water-Cooler-Company-Where-you-should-put-your-water-cooler

The Kitchen Area

It is vital for your employee’s to access water throughout the working day, making the kitchen area is a prime spot to place your water cooler. This will also encourage your staff to grab a glass of water when they are making lunch or fetching a snack from the fridge.

Not in direct sunlight

For obvious reasons it is not advised to place your water cooler in direct sunlight as this allows the water to heat up. It is important to keep bottles that aren’t being used away from the sunlight as well. Sunlight can alter the taste of water but can also cause it to go green.

In a communal area

Do you have a designated area where your employees can relax and take a five minute break? If yes then this would be the ideal place to have your water cooler. It has been proven that employees who take regular breaks from their desk are move productive and have a better experience at work.

Against The Wall

It is strongly advised that your water cooler is always placed against a wall. This is both space efficient and eliminates the risk of employees tripping over the cable. It will also lessen the chance of the water cooler being bumped or damaged.

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