What happens to the empty water bottles?

What happens to the empty water bottles?

What happens to the empty water bottles?

Will Shaw11/12/2015Water Cooler Information

Here at the Water Cooler Company we appreciate the importance of recycling and strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Whether this be through our water bottle recycling programme or by investing in the latest electric vehicles for our drivers.

A frequent question and cause for concern from our customers is: "What happens with the empty bottles once we have finished with them?"


We are happy to inform you that we have this covered. Our delivery driver will collect these empty bottles upon arrival where they will then be returned to our warehouse and forwarded on to our bottling plant, where the magic happens.

Once the bottles have been returned to Font Hill spring, where our water is sourced, the process of cleaning and refilling the empty containers commences. This is a two-step process with the bottles first being blasted clean with a sanitary fluid and refilled at the bottling plant.

The filled plastic bottles are then loaded by the thousand and returned to our depot where they are then dispatched around London within one to two working days.

As mentioned previously, we look to reduce our carbon footprint in other areas and the latest addition to our fleet further proves this.

We recently invested in a Renault Twizzy, one of the latest fully electrical machines which allows Kevin, our Sanitisation Technician, to drive around London with a clear conscience.

If you have any handy tips on how we can further look out for the environment, please contact one of The Water Cooler Company team, it would massively appreciated.


Date: 6/3/2019
Darren Edwards
Hi, What do you do with any empty bottles that are too old/ unfit to refill ? I am looking for some to use on my allotment to protect my lettuce from those pesky slugs and don't want to use slug pellets. Many thanks.

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