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Water Cooler Installations in New Buildings

Water Cooler Installations in New Buildings

The UK health and safety regulations set very specific guidelines regarding the provision of safe and clean drinking water for employees. Drinking water also needs to be clearly labelled to ensure that employees don't drink from any non-potable sources. The WaterThe-Water-Cooler-Company-Installations-in-new-buildings Cooler Company stocks a wide variety of plumbed-in water coolers for offices and corporate environments where a consistent supply of fresh drinking water is vital.

In addition to supplying water coolers for construction sites on a rental basis, we often supply water coolers that are installed in new buildings during the early stages of construction. We've entered the construction market knowing that it requires less effort to install plumbed-in water coolers when their location has been planned during the early stages of the project. This prevents the future hassle of lifting tiles and carpets or breaking through walls to lay pipes for connecting to the water cooler units on each floor.

Two of our most popular and highly recommended plumbed in-water coolers are the Elite Floor Standing and Borg Floor Standing water coolers:

  • Elite - This unit is not only beautifully designed, but also equipped with a range of features which makes it an excellent fit in the modern office or corporate environment. It features durable steel side panels and stunning silver metallic plastic front panels. Adding to its modern design is the built-in cup dispenser and electronic touch pad. You can choose between cold and ambient or cold and hot water models. Simply press the touch pad to choose your temperature and dispense water.
  • The Borg Floor Standing unit is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. This model is available with either cold and ambient or cold and hot water tanks which are connected directly to your mains water supply. It is constructed with high quality steel sides and metallic plastic front panels. It is fitted with lever-type taps.

The Water Cooler Company is your one-stop supplier of WRAS approved water coolers and accessories for new buildings throughout London. For a custom quote, contact us on 0845 500 4455.

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