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What Is So Special About Our Direct Chill Water Cooler Range?

What Is So Special About Our Direct Chill Water Cooler Range?

What Is So Special About Our Direct Chill Water Cooler Range?

The Water Cooler Company11/11/2016

At The Water Cooler Company, we supply London with a wide range of water coolers and drinking fountains. We stock only the most innovative water dispensers available on the market  and aim to ensure that our selection of units are suited to handle numerous environments.

New to our range of plumbed water coolers is our Direct Chill units. These innovative water dispensers ensure that you will always have access to a constant flow of ice cold, delicious drinking water whenever you need it. 

How Does Direct Chill Work?

Direct Chill technology is a terribly effective way of rapidly chilling drinking water. What makes Direct Chill technology so unique is that, unlike other systems the water is never still as it continuously flows through the system. This keeps the water constantly cool and helps to prohibit bacteria which can be a major problem in other cooling units.

Water is passed through a stainless steel coil that is in contact with a copper evaporator that circulates refrigerant gas. The Direct Chill systems basically works through conduction. The cold temperature is emitted by the refrigerant gas that is transferred through the copper coil which then transfers the cold temperatures to water passing through the stainless steel coil – these two coils don’t touch.

Benefits of Direct Chill Technology

The most obvious benefit is that you have access to continuously chilled drinking water. Not only does it provide chilled water it can handle high capacity demand. Some of our water coolers are able to produce up to 180 litres of chilled water per hour! Like other plumbed water coolers, our Direct Chill units are connected to the mains water supply and drainage system ensuring no mess after use.

If you are interested in purchasing a Direct Chill unit water dispenser from us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 500 4455. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form here and we will get back to you.


Date: 8/7/2018
Grant Wardlaw
Hi, I am looking to purchase a water cooler that can be positioned poolside in a high humidity and chlorine environment of which I've been advised against. Another option was to position the cooler behind a wall but will be 10m away from the outlet. Do you have a unit that can be used in any of these situations? Any help or information would be much appreciated Thanks in advance, Grant

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