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How Much Is A Water Cooler?

How Much Is A Water Cooler?

Water coolers have evolved from their traditional design and build. Now, these water dispensers come in so many shapes and sizes as well as with an array of functionalities. It’s so easy to get sucked into a loophole of never ending water cooler models, leaving you spoilt for choice. This is where going back to the basic question “How much is a water cooler?” comes into play.

You can either rent a water cooler or outright purchase one. We thought, we would break these two ways of purchasing down for you.

Before we get to these two options, lets quickly highlight the difference between the main types of water coolers on the market.

Different Types Of Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers and plumbed-in water coolers are the main ones you will see on supplier’s sites. 

Bottled fed water coolers are the more classic types of water dispensers that you will see in offices and other environments. They require the ordering and delivery of water bottles. They are easy to move around and only need access to an electricity point. 

Plumbed water coolers, on the other hand, are directly connected to the mains water supply and drainage system. These models ensure a long-term hydration solution and once they have been placed in a position are difficult to move.

Water coolers also come in different models - counter top and floor standing.

Purchasing A Water Cooler

As expected, plumbed water coolers are generally more expensive than bottled water coolers. Generally, counter top or floor standing plumbed in water coolers are going to cost you about £200 upwards excluding VAT. When we say generally, we mean the baseline price for a simple model.

No need to gasp and hold tightly to your wallet. Plumbed in water coolers should be seen as a long-term investment with a lump sum amount upfront.

Bottled water coolers are more affordable upfront. You will be looking at £150 upwards excluding VAT for both floor standing and counter top models. 

If you are thinking there is no possible way that you can afford these amounts upfront, especially if you are looking to get more than one water cooler installed in your office, there is another option…

Renting A Water Cooler 

You can rent a water cooler from a supplier for as little as £1 a week. Pretty cool, right? By renting a water cooler, you also get rid of the fuss that follows owning one. No need to get on your knees to sanitise it or replace parts that experience wear and tear. By entering a rental contract, you don’t need to make your budget stretch or worry about maintenance.

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