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Corporate UK Against Plastic

Corporate UK Against Plastic

With more and more awareness on the effects of pollution and waste on the environment, individuals and communities of practice have started shifting mindsets to that of sustainability for humans as well as living creatures that we share the world with. Every small bit counts, but nobody can deny the fact larger corporations can serve to have immediate and great initial effects.


KPMG has recently implemented a new policy across its’ entire UK sector. They have decided to ban plastic cups across all UK offices.

This comes after members of staff had watched the documentary series Blue Planet II who then questioned what they can do to help improve the environment around them.

KPMG has provided their staff with reusable water bottles and has been met with no disagreement to the current policy.

KPMG strive to promote and further this culture by removing all plastic cutlery from their offices too. This will allow them to save money in the long term as well as help to spur the fire of new entrepreneurship in markets where plastic is seeing a decline in market share. This implementation has not been as speedy as that of the plastic cups. We wait to see what the future may hold in terms of reducing the carbon footprint through limited plastic usage.

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