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BBC Employee's Middle Class Water Cooler Problem

BBC Employee's Middle Class Water Cooler Problem

When we heard about this story this morning, we couldn’t help but laugh ourselves blue. So here is how the story goes:

The note reads: 'A polite request - Please DO NOT plug in the watercooler. I like my water at room temperature.

'I am fed up with having to bend over to unplug the machine, so please DO NOT PLUG it back in.'

Workers at BBC were quick to react to the note which was clearly more than your normal passive aggressive note from HR that you’d find in the office. One member of staff swiftly replied with 'But 90 per cent of everyone else likes it CHILLED!!!'. While another colleague pointed out that there were 'two taps' on the water cooler - one which provided chilled water and the other with 'room temperature water'.


This ongoing water cooler war was dubbed as a middle class problem and has quickly spread virally over the internet.

So here’s a cool fact about The Water Cooler Company, we sell and rent bottled water coolers just like the one above, which have both a cold AND ambient tap. Our range of bottled water coolers and fountains could even provide you with some office entertainment like the above photo, but we’d like to think that this isn’t a regular occurrence.


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