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A Significant Sign That You Might Be Dehydrated

A Significant Sign That You Might Be Dehydrated

How to tell if you are dehydrated

When you have a sore throat, asking yourself “Am I dehydrated” should be one of your first question. When your body lacks hydration, not enough saliva and mucus is able to keep your throat moist. This then avoids your throat to have a soothing sensation.

When your body is dehydrated, swelling and inflammation can worsen. We suggest that at this point your body receives as more fluids than usual. Water is definitely a great choice but fluids such as teas and soups are also perfect options. Should you have a winning home remedy then go right ahead! The most important thing is to frequently drink liquids.

Where foods are concerned it would be best to stay away from any foods that could possibly aggravate the sore throat feeling. Spicy food will not be a good choice as they not only affect the infection but can also cause extra discomfort. Spicy food can also result in dehydration.

We hope the above helped in terms of understanding the importance of hydration and the influences thereof.

The Water Cooler Company aims to provide our customers with the best possible hydration solutions. We encourage you to stay hydrated all year round. Hydration is not only important but can help to possibly avoid throat infections.

Not sure how to stock up on your hydration? Well, we are certain we have you covered!

Our Variety of Water Coolers

-Our bottled water coolers include counter top, floor standing and refurbished models.

-Plumbed water coolers need to be directly connected to a mains supply. Our range includes floor standing, counter tops, carbonated and direct chill models.

-Our drinking water fountains include both indoor and outdoor models. They are able to withstand any environment.

-Under sink chillers are the best space saving water dispensers.

Well there you have it. Remember, we also stock the ideal water cooler accessories, water filters and drinking water taps to ensure your water cooler is taken care of.

We have a great team of specialists who are able to do maintenance check-ups on your water cooler. Maintenance is important as it ensures the longevity of your water cooler. We also offer sanitisation kits to make sure that your water cooler is free from impurities and contaminants. The last thing we want is for you to worry about your hydration needs.

Keep healthy and stay hydrated all hear around. Trust the water experts and ensure your body is constantly receiving refreshing drinking water.

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