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Items That You Didn’t Know Were Made With Water

Items That You Didn’t Know Were Made With Water

Water has been used in the manufacturing of many products, mainly for consumption, but have you ever thought about what other items actually need water for their manufacturing as well as production, after some research, the outcome is highly interesting!

The List

A Sheet of Paper

One A4 sheet of paper uses 13 litres of water to be produced, which is equivalent to 52 cups of water (250ml per cup). 

A Smartphone

Everything from mining the metals to polishing the glass screen requires 909 litres of water. This is just to produce one smartphone.

 Car Tyres

To produce one rubber car tyre, 7851 litres of water is used. You can imagine how many cups that is equivalent to!

A Pair of Jeans

It takes 7571 litres of water to grow the cotton for and produce one pair of denim jeans, this is almost as much water used in producing a tyre. 


To produce 1 kilogram of tomato sauce or ketchup will require 530 litres of water.


It takes 83 litres of water to produce 454 grams of plastic. It is interesting to know that it usually takes twice as much water to produce a plastic water bottle as the amount of water contained in the bottle. 

Water is one of the most used and relied on resources around the world. Not only do we drink it and use it to prepare food, we also need it to manufacture almost everything around us. We at The Water Cooler Company understand the importance of water and therefore aim to deliver you the best quality water with the best quality service, always.

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