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Ice Cold Water Dispensers | The Water Cooler Company

Stay Cool.
Stay Hydrated.

Ice Cold Water Dispensers
to Buy Or Rent.
Pure Spring Bottled Water 
UK Delivery

Water Cooler Rental

Enjoy a ready supply of fresh, healthy, pure water. It’s
simple when you hire a water cooler dispenser.
We rent bottled and mains-fed water dispensers,
free-standing and counter-top machines.

water coolers

Which water cooler do I choose?

Bottled water cooler

  • Easy to use and suitable for any environment
  • Can be set up immediately - bottled water coolers only require a power supply
  • High-quality water on tap: either mineral or spring water bottled at source
  • Bottled water delivered across UK
Bottled water delivered next working day

Mains-fed water cooler

  • Plumbed directly into the main water supply
  • Constant supply of water - suitable for large workplaces
  • Just pay for the rental of the machine
  • Installation and maintenance included

Bottled Water Delivery

Keep your staff hydrated with our high quality, bottled spring or mineral water, delivered to you when YOU want it.

  • FREE delivery
  • UK nationwide delivery
  • Premium quality spring and mineral water
  • Repeat bottle deliveries
  • Short-term contracts available
  • Unrivalled service

Contactless Hands-Free
Water Coolers

For the safest drinking water solution available.
We sell and rent a wide range of contactless options.
With sensor and foot-operated water dispensing.
Get in touch to get a quote.

google reviews

Great service, prompt delivery on the water and very friendly staff/customer service! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an efficient and professional water cooler company :)

Blue Tit London

“I wanted to drink better water at home. They gave me advice on which was the best water cooler for me, and how often I should get it cleaned (is every 3 months), They take care of everything and are so friendly. Really happy with my cooler and the water is AMAZING. Thank you!”


I have been using them for several years now and have been happy with their service, But during Covid 19 they have really UPed their game to meet the current challenges and changes. Orders have been filled within 24 hours!! Outstanding!!

Annabelle Clendenan


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