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Home Water Coolers

Home Water Coolers

The Water Cooler Company prides itself on its range of home water coolers and water filters, which consists of top quality and fairly-priced products, and is supported by a strong service network of engineers who are dedicated to maintaining your water cooler. As an additional service, we can also supply customers with fresh bottled water suitable for use on traditional water coolers. This is delivered by our team on a regular basis to our customers across London, and even outside London as a result of our trusted network of water bottle providers.

Besides our stock of water coolers for the home and office, we also offer customers a variety of drinking fountains that can provide a longer term solution for areas like gyms and swimming pools.

An endless supply of filtered chilled water at home allows everyone to enjoy the same benefits at home as at work, while reaping the health benefits that come with staying hydrated throughout the day.

With everything from stylish bottled water coolers, to domestic water filters that are easy to install and fit neatly under your kitchen sink, to designer plumbed-in coolers that look attractive in any kitchen - bad drinking water in your home can be a thing of the past when you choose to invest in refreshing and chilled water that can lead to a healthier future.