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Niagara 120 SL Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler
Niagara 120 SL Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler
Niagara 120 SL Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler

Niagara 120 SL Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler

Part Number:NIAGARA120SL
£1,628.00 (£1,953.60 inc VAT)

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Product Description

The Niagara 120 SL Mains-fed Water Cooler range features highly advanced, state-of-the-art technology designed for use in demanding environments in which high volumes of water are regularly consumed. The large dispense area allows for filling bottles, jugs, carafes and glasses with ease, which makes it a much more economical and sustainable alternative to bottled water. This water cooler is able to supply very large quantities of water on demand, therefore it is ideal for use in large businesses, restaurants, and school canteens. Not only is it high-capacity but it looks stylish too, with the attractive stainless steel design suitable for any customer-facing role.

Perfectly chilled and ambient water are available in the standard version. The Sparkling version offers still ambient, still chilled and sparkling chilled water. This fully customisable water cooler allows you to change the water temperature to suit your taste. The chilled water temperature can be set between 3 and 10°C, and the carbonation setting can be optimised as desired. Cold carbonation allows for great-tasting sparkling water characterised by an intense, lasting taste. The Direct Chill ice bank cooling system with double coil guarantees high performance coupled with excellent reliability. Three separate water outlets means that you can fill more than one vessel at a time. The ice bank in the Sparkling versions improves the efficiency of simultaneous chilled and sparkling water dispensing.

This water cooler is highly hygienic due to the absence of external taps, while the concealed dispensing zone ensures that the water’s path is protected against airborne microbes for maximum hygiene. What is more, the materials are constructed from AISI 316 steel for optimal hygienic protection. The Niagara 120 SL is an especially powerful, top of the range floor standing water cooler. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect for high traffic environments in need of large quantities of water
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Manual push button dispenser
  • Dispenses 120 litres of chilled water per hour
  • Large dispense height suitable for filling bottles 
  • Dose Counter monitors output 
  • Adjustable digital water output quantity 
  • Direct Chill ice-bank cooling system means no stagnant water
  • The chilled water temperature can be set between 3 and 10°C
  • The carbonation setting optimised as desired
  • Silent, professional cold-carbonation system 
  • Cold carbonation means for great-tasting sparkling water
  • Simultaneous dispensing
  • The dispensing head and the sink, are made using AISI 316 steel for optimal hygiene and protection 
  • Integrated dispensing means maximum hygiene
  • A special safety valve prevents accidental water leakage
  • The front opening ensures easy and quick access to the interior where the filters and CO2 cylinder (sparkling water versions) are housed
  • Features a self diagnostic system. If the system detects a problem, the red LED on the dispensing head lights up
  • Energy saving mode
  • Complies with the highest standards regarding product performance and management
  • WRAS approved

Additional Features: (Please contact us to make a request)

  • Optional alarm linked to the Dose Counter 
  • Optional chlorine filters and purifiers can be fitted to improve the taste and aroma of the water
  • Optional anti-bacterial UV system, water meter and timer

Recommended Environments

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Receptions
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare