water quality

Water Quality

The occasional taste of chlorine (that the water companies have to use to disinfect the supply system) is the most common argument for buying bottled water. However, there is an alternative. Our bottleless water coolers provide advanced filtration that strips any taste from mains water and provides it conveniently through our advanced water cooler systems.

Top quality activated carbon filters, which remove both taste and odour of chlorine are incorporated within the modern mains-fed water coolers which provide you with a good tasting, unlimited supply of drinking water.

Some companies will tell you that you need reverse osmosis filters, ultra violet systems or micro particle removal filters. This is not the case and in 99% of cases, due to the high quality of mains water in London, these complicated and expensive systems are generally not necessary.

Our bottleless water coolers are plumbed-in to the mains-fed potable water in either your office or home and the water is passed through a high quality carbon based filter. This filter is changed on a six monthly basis to ensure it does not lose integrity over time.

At the same time as changing the filter every six month we also sanitise the water cooler to ensure there are no impurities within the water cooler. Ensuring your office or home is always drinking the highest quality water through the water cooler.