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Water Cooler Rental and Hire

Water Cooler Rental and Hire

Water Cooler Rental and Hire

The Water Cooler Company9/22/2017Water Cooler Information

Want a water cooler but do not want the responsibility of maintaining its integrity? Why not rent a water cooler and let us do the hard work for you. With the delivery of the water cooler, water and installation – there is no excuse. We offer a range of bottled and plumbed in water cooler for rental or hire.

Bottled Water Cooler Rental

Our range of rental bottled water coolers is a practical solution for dispensing our premium quality bottled water in homes or offices. We have a wide selection of bottled water coolers in the UK and all of our ranges are available for next day dispatch from our London office. Take a browse and find the right bottled water cooler rental options for your workspace.

We pride ourselves in service delivery, thus, our bottled water cooler rental prices include installation, quarterly sanitations and call outs. And our prices start from as little as £1.00 per week .

Plumbed Water Cooler Rental

A wide range of plumbed water coolers under service level agreements is available. Depending on your needs, a plumbed-in water dispenser might just be the solution you are looking for. Our range of rental plumbed units will provide you with an unlimited supply of hot, cold or ambient, filtered water without the hassle of ordering replacement bottles.

Browse our selection of plumbed in water cooler rentals and find the right hydration solution for your needs.

Sanitisation visits are done quarterly to ensure that the water coolers remain clean and sterile – an essential hygienic service. This is vital for the health and safety requirements of your office or home. We sanitise our water coolers according to the guidelines laid out by the BWCA.

To rent a water cooler from us, browse our website for the cooler you want, either add it to your cart and check out or call us on 0845 500 4455 for a personalised serviced or alternatively email us on [email protected] .


Date: 4/12/2022
Iveta koncekova
Hi I am interested in one of these for rent in my home. What’s the monthly charge?

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