Water Cooler Prices | Water Coolers For All Budgets

Looking for the best water cooler prices available online in the UK? The Water Cooler Company, as our name suggests, offer a leading range of high-quality water coolers and water dispensers.

Since 2005, we have forged unique relationships with water dispenser manufacturer across the world and our leverage means that we can offer great value to our customers.

Bottled Water Coolers

Our range of bottled water coolers are of the highest quality and we offer customers both water cooler rental and purchase options. We know that our water cooler pricing is the best in the market - and we guarantee that we will not be beaten.

London Water Delivery Service

We can deliver water on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to bottled water cooler customers within the M25 and also maintain your water cooler to ensure the long-term integrity of the equipment.

Customers who rent water coolers from us also benefit from replacement machines within 48 hours. When asking for our water cooler prices, mention how many employees you need to keep hydrated and we can assist with supplying the right number of spring water bottles.

Plumbed Water Coolers And Drinking Fountains

Plumbed water coolers and drinking fountains offer customers a great long term hydration solution at a fixed cost. The ongoing costs of a water cooler are fixed as your water is supplied and filtered mains water. It is recommended that your replace all filters every six months to ensure the prolonged integrity of your water dispenser.

With plumbed water coolers not only about the cost saving, you will make - although we are sure this will help you explain this to the finance department - you will also benefit from -

  • No bottles
  • No heavy lifting
  • No storage problems
  • No deliveries
  • No hassle
  • No paperwork
  • ...and you will never run out of water again!

We would ask customers to contact us or call 0845 500 4455 if they want us to quote water cooler prices for a larger project where there are more complex considerations. The Water Cooler Company is a part of the drinking waters group of companies who supply the widest range of hydration solutions in the UK.