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Top 5 Most Common Issues Found with a Water Cooler

Top 5 Most Common Issues Found with a Water Cooler

We understand that a water cooler can get tricky especially when cold water starts coming out of the hot water dispenser. Not cool! The Water Cooler Company aims to provide our customers with the best possible advice when purchasing a water cooler. 

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we aim to provide our customers with quality goods and services. The last thing we want is for you to be irritable and frustrated. We want to ensure that you stay hydrated all year around.

We have decided to put together a list of common issues found with water coolers to educate customers on how a water cooler works and its functionality. Let’s face it, electrical and mechanical items are technical especially when something goes wrong.

Water Cooler Top 5 Common Issues

  1. Let’s start with the most common of them all…a leaking water cooler. The first thing to check is your drip tray. Most customers think their water cooler is leaking when in actual fact it’s just an over flowing drip tray. The second thing to look out for is the back valve. This occurs when it is not completely closed.
  2. The second issue is when water cooler no longer cools your water. Probably the most frustrating one especially when the suns out and it’s a real summers day! Bear in mind that each water cooler has a chilling capacity. Is there are many people using the water cooler at a time, it would need more time to recuperate before it becomes cool again.
  3. Let’s look at when the opposite of issue number 2 occurs. If your water cooler does not make your water warm, check if the “hot water” switch is on or activated. Once switched on, allow time for recuperation.
  4. Should your plumbed in water cooler not dispense water, check if your electricity is on and working. This might also occur if there is an issue with the water supply through your mains.
  5. Last and least, bad tasting water…yuck! Make sure that your tap dispensers are clean. Also, ensure that your water cooler as a whole is clean.
  6. We hope this list will be helpful for that “just in case” moment. Of course, we hope you never have to experience such an incident, but who knows! Somethings are simply out of our control. Should the above tips still not help, then do not hesitate to contact your service provider.

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