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The Office Water Cooler in a Post-COVID World

The Office Water Cooler in a Post-COVID World

Herbie King7/7/2020Safety & Hygiene

What will our offices look like in a post-COVID world? A good portion of our customers are office-based and tell us they plan to go back to normal office working in September. But what will the new ‘normal’ look like?

Before the coronavirus pandemic the typical office environment might have comprised of desks close together, meeting rooms that had to be booked days in advance, and shared kitchen areas. And of course, the perennial meeting place for a catch-up: the office water cooler.

For the new normal, desks might be spaced further apart (if space and budget allows), meeting rooms cleaned and disinfected regularly, and kitchen areas – like some supermarkets – one person at a time. 

And what about the office water cooler? While it might be some time before we’re all standing around the cooler and catching up with colleagues, there is no reason we can’t continue to use a water cooler to keep office staff hydrated.

Keeping your office hydrated, safely

Regular cleaning of external taps using food-grade antibacterial wipes and regular water cooler sanitisation is simple, good hygienic practice. And for office and facilities managers looking for the ultimate in safe, hygienic drinking water there are contactless, touch-free options.

With sensors you simply wave your finger over to dispense water, the new Biorefresh contactless water dispenser from Culligan is the ultimate in safe, office drinking water. Similar to sensors used for doors and lifts in some served offices, we believe this kind of technology will become commonplace in offices of all sizes. 

Touch-free operation means that zero hand contact is required, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The Biorefresh contactless water cooler also has an anti-bacterial UVC lamp (UV Out) fitted, which completely sterilises the water and destroys viruses, bacteria, and micro-organisms within the drinking water. This makes it the ideal solution for filling water bottles in the office.

We can't promise that office workers will congregate around the water cooler to catch up on last night's TV or football scores. However we can promise provision of safe, clean, healthy drinking water for all office staff.

If you would like to speak with us about Contactless Touch-Free water coolers get in touch with our sales team who can give you all the information you need.

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