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The Climate Impacts of the Plastic Lifecycle

The Climate Impacts of the Plastic Lifecycle

The Lifecycle of Plastic

We already know that the Earth is polluted by plastic. Our oceans are choking on the stuff and our beaches are littered with it. As if that wasn’t already bad enough, nearly every piece of plastic begins as a fossil fuel and Greenhouse gases are emitted at each stage of the plastic lifecycle, from its production to its degradation long after its use.

Just recently, it was officially announced that 2019 ranks as the 2nd warmest Earth temperature in recorded history. Australia has sadly taken the heat and experienced its hottest and driest year ever, suffering the devastating wildfires which continue to wipe out wildlife and homes. David Attenborough states that this is all due to the Earth’s increasing temperature as he warns ‘the moment of crisis has come’.

The Plastic Lifecycle and how it affects the Earth’s temperature
Greenhouse gases are emitted at each stage of the plastic lifecycle, from its production to its degradation long after its use. Reducing your plastic is an easy way you can play your part in combatting the Earth’s rising temperature and plastic waste pollution at the same time.

Our Commitment to reducing plastic in the Hydration industry:
  • Unfortunately, water and single use plastics have a close relationship ever since it became the favoured packaging material. But it doesn’t have to be this way!
  • Our large bottles for water coolers are re-used more than 50 times before being recycled.
  • We sell Mains-fed, Fountains, and Water Refill Stations which eliminate the environmental impact of water extraction, transportation, and packaging.
  • If our customers are using large quantities of bottled water, we will actively promote a switch to mains-fed coolers.
  • We recycle all of our plastic waste from our warehouse and offices.

How you can reduce your business’ plastic waste:
  • A water cooler is a far more sustainable alternative to bottled water. By installing a water machine, you will eliminate the environmental impact of the plastic lifecycle.
  • For small businesses, we recommend Bottled Water Coolers or Mains-fed water coolers to provide your staff and customers with perfectly chilled water.
  • For larger businesses and sites, we recommend installing a Drinking Water Fountain or a Water Refill Station which eliminate the need for cups and encourage refilling of personal reusable bottles.
  • Biodegradabale cups are a great sustainable alternative to plastic and paper cups
  • Recycle your office waste by implementing recycling bins beside your water cooler for used cups and other recyclable plastics.

Hydration Station
Our latest product, the Hydration Station is the ideal water refill station for a wide range of environments. From offices to train stations, the Hydration Station is specially designed to encourage users to refill reusable bottles and therefore reduce the emissions and plastic pollution associated with single-use plastic bottles. We also offer a bespoke option for businesses who wish to have the Hydration Station branded with their own design. If you’re interested in finding out more about our sustainable hydration products get in touch and speak with an expert.

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