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Staying Hydrated During Wimbledon

Staying Hydrated During Wimbledon

Staying Hydrated During Wimbledon

The Water Cooler Company6/23/2016Hydration Advice

Wimbledon is drawing upon us! We are counting down the days until this exciting tournament begins. It will take place from 27 June – 10 July and is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world.

We know it is a much anticipated event as many flock to London to witness the tennis games and to see their favourites in action. We do, however, need to encourage the importance of staying hydrated during this time. Summer is also upon us and our bodies are going to need more water than usual.

3 Tips to Ensure You Stay Hydrated

1. Drink enough water! Always keep bottled water with you and sip on it during the day. When one is exposed to sunlight your body will need more water. Be careful not to be overhydrated as too much water can lead to hyponatremia.

2. Sip on sports drinks. Sport drinks are great for in between. When we sweat our body loses electrolytes which are important minerals need by your body to function optimally.

3. Fruit is always a winner! Many fruits have a great amount of electrolytes and fluids. Drinking water and eating fruits is a great combination. Fruit also contains a high amount of sugar which also boosts our bodies.

There you have it! Stay hydrated and love your body. Think about it, if your body is hydrated you’ll have more energy to scream and support your favourite tennis player!

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