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Sparkling Water vs Still Water

Sparkling Water vs Still Water

Updated 11/10/2022

Water is known to have a myriad of health benefits. From increasing energy, helping mental health, losing weight, flushing out toxins, and improving skin complexion to boosting the immune system. Despite many asking the question, is sparkling water bad for you, we know that water hydrates you, and the health benefits of water simply do not just “fizz” away when carbon dioxide is added to it.

Is Sparkling Water Good for You?

Sparkling water gets its fizz by adding pressurised carbon dioxide gas to regular, still water. This has raised many concerns about the health benefits of sparkling water as many see it akin to other carbonated beverages, leading to myths that just won’t seem to fade. Luckily, our water experts at the Water Cooler Company are here to bust any myths and misconceptions you might have had.

Sparkling Water Concerns

Sparkling water will leach calcium from your bones

Many people believe that sweetened fizzy drinks can cause low bone mineral density and have associated this with carbonated water. Research has found that this isn't the case, and although sparkling water is slightly more acidic than regular water, it does not leech calcium from bones.

Sparkling Water causes tooth decay

Is sparkling water bad for your teeth? The carbonation process does not add any sugar, acids or salt to the water. The acids and sugars in soft drinks are known to have acidogenic and carcinogenic properties that can lead to enamel erosion.

So while plain sparkling water is still safe on teeth, flavoured sparkling water often has a high sugar content, as well as other acids, to make it extra fizzy. It's best to avoid these types of water which will corrode your teeth and rather flavour your sparkling water naturally with fresh fruits or mint and cucumber!

Sparkling water causes bloating

The fizzy composition will naturally cause you to burp and is a healthier alternative to medical antacids. However, it has been known to cause bloating in people with sensitive stomachs such as IBS sufferers. It does not cause IBS, but if you are a sufferer and experience flare-ups when drinking it, it's best to avoid it.

Sparkling Water Benefits

Both types of water have many benefits for the human body, including weight loss. Here are some benefits specifically associated with carbonated water:

  • Aiding weight loss. Research shows that the bubbles in sparkling water take up space in your stomach so you feel less hungry and would consume fewer calories than normal. The added benefit of tasting better than still water means that you're likely to drink more.
  • Hydration. Where carbonated water technically has less of a hydrating effect than the same volume of regular water, you may be wondering, does drinking sparkling water hydrate you? The short answer is yes. Due to the texture and taste of carbonated water, you will probably end up drinking a higher volume of it than you would regular water, doubling the health benefits of your daily water intake.
  • Aids digestion. Research has shown that carbonated water can aid digestion and relieve constipation.
  • Helps you to move away from sugary fizzy drinks. As it's carbonated, it can help you move from drinking sugary drinks which are bad for you, to a similar, and healthier, alternative.

Sparkling vs Still Water

So which should you choose? If you ask us, our opinion is that drinking carbonated water is great but if you have a sensitive stomach opt for still and if you do opt for the fizzy option make sure to drink enough to stay hydrated.

There are many options out there to provide you with easy access to sparkling water, including our Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus, which provides instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling water at the touch of a button. We highly recommend it for your home or workplace. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

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