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Simple Guide For Using Your Water Cooler Safely

Simple guide for using your water cooler safely

Sophie Plowman6/17/2020Safety & Hygiene
As businesses reopen after COVID-19 lockdown, we know that your staff and customers will want to continue to keep hydrated. Drinking water from water coolers or fountains continues to be one of the best, sustainable and most convenient ways of providing healthy, safe, and hygienic hydration to your staff.

A guide to the steps you can take to keep people using your office water dispensers safely:

  • Regularly wipe water cooler taps and dispensing area using food-safe antibacterial wipes or spray
  • Empty the drip trap regularly and wash either in a dishwasher or sink with hot, soapy water
  • Keep the necessary distance (min. 2m) from other people when standing in line for water
  • Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands or disinfect them before using the water dispenser. Having hand sanitiser nearby for users is also recommended
  • Use a freshly cleaned water glass/bottle or use recyclable cups

Download and print our useful guide

We have produced this poster for you to print and put up next to your water cooler, reminding everyone how to use your water cooler safely.

Disinfectant kits now available

The kit contains everything you need to keep the outside surfaces of your water cooler safe and clean for everyone:

1 x 150ml sanitising solution spray
1 x disposable, food-safe, sanitising gloves 100/pack
1 x centre-feed paper roll 40m

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Date: 9/25/2020
Levi Armstrong
My sister is thinking of opening a design firm before the year ends. Since she's someone who loves drinking water, she would probably buy a water cooler for the office. It's great that you mentioned that since there is still an ongoing pandemic, it would be wise for her to regularly wipe the cooler taps and dispensing area with antibacterial wipes or spray to keep the germs or virus away. I'll share this with her on our brunch tomorrow. Thanks!

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