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Safe drinking solutions for Schools & Universities

Hands-free, contactless drinking fountains & bottle fillers. The most hygienic hydration products for students and staff

Safe drinking water

Our Contactless & Hygiene range of drinking fountains and bottle fillers utilises the latest technology to keep drinking water safe and clean.


We have been selling drinking solutions to the Education sector since 2005. We only sell the highest quality equipment and can provide you with the most suitable product for your needs.

Installation & aftercare

We offer installation and ongoing maintenance should you need it. We only use accredited installers who have all passed a practical WHA Installation Standards & WRAS Courses.

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Maximum Hygiene,
Ultimate Safety

Our range of Contactless, Hands-Free Drinking Fountains & Bottle Fillers provide the safest drinking water experience available. Specially designed for public, high volume environments like schools, universities, and academies. Hygienic solutions for complete peace of mind.


Sensor Operated Fountain

An electronic sensor to eliminate the spread of germs and the risk of contamination, providing clean and safe drinking water all day long. There is no need to touch surfaces which eliminates the spread of germs, promoting safe and hygienic spaces by helping to limit high-use contact points that can harbour dangerous pathogens. Simply hover your hand next to the sensor pad to activate the fountain water flow. The bubbler valve has flexible guard which is easy to drink from, and it has also been designed to be eco-friendly by reducing waste water by 50%. The bubbler contains Freshield, a silver-based antimicrobial compound which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mould and mildew ensuring optimal hygiene.


Hands-free Bottle Fillers

Bottle filling fountains using hands-free design ensures that there is zero contact required to dispense water. Our exclusive range of bottle fillers from Oasis are also fitted with QUASAR UV technology. The water is treated by a UVC-LED light at the point of dispense to kill any harmful pathogens in the water. And, for your complete safety QUASAR uses a mercury-free UV light. QUASAR LEDs are extremely resilient and powerful and will last a minimum of ten years.


We provided hands-free bottle refill stations and drinking fountains for Emanuel School in Battersea, South London. The requirement was for safe drinking water solutions as the school reopened following the coronavirus pandemic. From Chris Wright, Estates Director:

“The school have been impressed by The Water Cooler Company’s high standard of customer service. Responses to enquiries and quotations have been prompt and goods have arrived within days of orders being placed. Furthermore, the filling stations are competitively priced, reliable, easy to install and attractive. The installation of the bottle filling stations have been an integral part of the schools COVID control measures so excellent customer service is critical from the schools preferred suppliers.”

Recommended Products

We provide a range of drinking fountains, bottle fillers, and water dispensers perfect for Schools & Universities. We have solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.

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