Archway Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler Rental

Archway Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler Rental

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From £1 per week
Rent this efficient cooler for £1.00 per week and enjoy ice cold water all day long.

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Product Description

The Archway Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler is one of our most popular water dispensers, available for just £1 per week. It is known for its trusty, no-nonsense performance. This high-quality water cooler makes up most of our rental fleet because it has a high cooling capacity and it is suitable for numerous busy environments. It is a complete workhorse in nature and one of the most reliable water dispensers on the market. Accessing chilled and heated water will never be an issue again with the Archway water cooler.

Key Features

  • High capacity compressor boasts 12L of perfectly chilled water every hour. The cooling tank can hold 4L at a time and takes 10 minutes to rechill once completely emptied
  • Reliable, robust and sturdy build, perfect for busy environments as it is designed to withstand frequent use
  • Modern matte silver finish fits in perfectly to any environment 
  • Push taps for easy water dispensing
  • Accepts standard 12, 15 and 19 litre water bottles
  • Available on a rental basis (In London and surrounding areas)

Recommended Environments

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Receptions
  • Education
  • Industrial 
  • Healthcare

Recommended Environment


£1 per week on rental contract

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