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ReCup - Plastic Cup Disposal Bin
ReCup - Plastic Cup Disposal Bin
ReCup - Plastic Cup Disposal Bin

ReCup - Plastic Cup Disposal Bin

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Part Number:RCU013
£20.00 (£24.00 inc VAT)
Recup water cups

Product Description

The reCup unit is a special bin designed for the disposal of used plastic cups. Intended to sit conveniently next to your water cooler, the reCup’s unique design takes up minimal floor space and eliminates the need for rubbish baskets or bins. The bin is small and compact yet has the capacity to hold larger volumes by nesting the cups within each other, also reducing the frequency with which the bin needs emptying. You can stack an impressive 150 cups into a single reCup bin which is the equivalent of about 6 to 7 bin bags worth of common waste. Nifty, right? By using a reCup you are also reducing the bacteria that could ascend from a normal rubbish bin. The innovative design means that the bin does not emit any nasty smells, adding to a cleaner and more sanitised environment. What is more, the reCup is ideal for collecting plastic and paper cups for recycling. By using a reCup you have already separated your cups from other office rubbish, making it easy to recycle once the reCup has been filled. Easier for you, and easier on the environment.

Key Features

  • High capacity unit 
  • Holds up to 150 cups and takes 2 weeks for 15 users using a cup a day to fill
  • Efficiently utilises floor space
  • Suitable for plastic and paper cups
  • Acrylic material is strong and hardwearing
  • Sturdy design is stable and will not knock over easily
  • Modern and minimalistic aesthetic
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Comes with 10 free bin liners included
  • TOP TIP: Cups should be empty before disposal into the reCup bin
Height 760mm
Base Width 180mm
Top Width 105mm

Recommended Environments

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Receptions
  • Education
  • Industrial 
  • Healthcare