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Quick Troubleshooting Guide For Our Water Coolers

Quick Troubleshooting Guide For Our Water Coolers

At The Water Cooler Company, customer satisfaction is our priority. Not only do we offer a wide selection of the best water dispensers available on the market, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers.

Our bottled water coolers are a guaranteed hydration solution for offices and homes across London. However, over time you may experience an issue with your water dispenser’s performance. We thought we would jot down a few of the main issues customers experience and helpful solutions to getting your water cooler to perform optimally again.

My Bottled Water Cooler Is Leaking

The most likely issue is that there is a pinhole in your water bottle. Simply, remove your bottle from your cooler to prevent further leaking and monitor the level of water that is left in the reservoir. If the level of water doesn’t change in the next few minutes the cause was the bottle and not your cooler. If the water level does decrease after the bottle has been removed then please tighten the spigots.

No Water Is Coming From The Water Cooler

Make sure that your bottle is full and replace it if necessary. Now check to see if there is ice build-up inside the wall of your water cooler that might be blocking the flow of your water by removing the bottle and looking at the well. To prevent future build-up, adjust the thermostat at the back of your water cooler.

Water Is Not Cold

Make sure your water cooler is plugged into the wall correctly and give your water cooler about 20 minutes to cool the water before trying another glass. If it is still not cold, there is potentially an issue with your compressor which will need to be replaced.

Water Is Not Hot

The most likely cause is that your internal baffle has come out of place when you put on a new water bottle. A baffle is the device that separates the hot from the cold water in the well. To fix this all you have to do is take the water bottle off, drain the remaining water from the well and look for a flat, circular model. Firmly place it back in the centre of the cooler and replace your water bottle. Give your water cooler about 20 minutes to heat up.

We hope this quick troubleshooting guide helped you fix the issue you have experienced with your water cooler. If not, please give one friendly customer service member a call on 0845 500 4455.

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