Quadra Plus Sparkling

The Quadra Plus Sparkling is the ultimate 5-in-1 tap. It comes with boiling and chilled option, sparkling water and hot and cold selections.
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A simple adjustment allows the chilled water temperature to be raised to 15 C or lowered to 6 C for perfectly chilled refreshing drinks, with your desired temperature being quickly reached and maintained.


The boiling water temperature is adjustable but leaves our factory set at 98.5 degrees C - for brewing the perfect cup of tea. The system is designed so that there is no temperature decline in periods of high demand.


Adjustable carbonation to suit the users taste. Can be used with either disposable or refillable CO2 cylinders.

Hot and Cold

The Quadra Plus Sparkling takes away the requirement for a second under counter boiler for the sink water. By utilising a special Billi sink mixer tap, the water for hand or dish washing is provided in addition to the boiling and chilled tap.

Safety First

Billi does not manufacture a single tap system with all these features. This is a corporate decision on safety grounds. Where there is a single tap producing both boiling and hot water, there is always the possibility of a new or uneducated staff member inadvertently washing their hands under near boiling water. For this reason we always recommend a boiling tap is installed over a drainage font, apart from the sink.

A true 5-in-1 water system with twin taps. Welcome to the world of chilled, boiling, sparkling and hot and cold.


Whether you want your beverage at 6°C or 15°C, the Quadra Plus Sparkling allows you to adjust the water to your suited temperature. You can rest assured that your desired temperature can be reached quickly and maintained.


The boiling system comes preconfigured at the ideal brewing temperature of 98.5°C. This water dispenser can quickly be adjusted to your desired temperature with minimal effort and can maintain this heat in times of high demand.


The Quadra Sparkling water dispenser ensures equally saturated carbonation to your water which like all other functions can be adjusted. These can be used with either a disposable or refillable CO2 cylinders.

Welcome to superior design, safety and high performance

The Billi Quadra Plus Sparkling range offer the ultimate drinking water appliance available on the market. You can now dispense boiling, chilled, hot and cold and even professional sparkling filtered water with ease.

Professional Saturated Sparkling System

Enjoy the taste of professionally carbonated water through the Billi Sparkling CO2 injection system.

Adjustable Chilled Temperature

You can easily adjust your chilled water between 6°C and 15°C allowing you to enjoy perfectly chilled and refreshing drinks, glass after glass. This system will quickly reach and maintain your ideal drinking temperature.

Adjustable Sparkling Water

Adjust the level of carbonation in your water with the world’s best water dispensing system. The controls can be adjusted up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure.

Safety First

Billi’s splash free boiling water delivery intelligently varies the water flow to eliminate the splashing of water as it enters the cup.  All of the Billi taps range comes with a standard safety switch. Hot water to the mixer tap is controlled to ensure that the water is safe for washing hands, glasses and cutlery.

Cupboard Configuration

This range comes in two modules to enable easy configuration maximizing use and efficiency of your cupboard space.  

Better for Your Health

The water dispensing range comes with a silver Ion (Ag+) system that eliminates the potential growth of bacteria benefitting the health of the user.


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