Quadra Plus

Boiling and chilled, with added feature of hot and cold for a sink. All from one under counter unit.
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A simple adjustment allows the chilled water temperature to be raised to 15 C or lowered to 6 C for perfectly chilled refreshing drinks, with your desired temperature being quickly reached and maintained.


The boiling water temperature is adjustable but leaves our factory set at 98.5 degrees C - for brewing the perfect cup of tea. The system is designed so that here is no temperature decline in periods of high demand.

Hot and Cold

The Quadra Plus takes away the requirement for a second under counter boiler for the sink water. By utilising a special Billi sink mixer tap, the water for hand or dish washing is provided in addition to the boiling and chilled tap.

Technologically Advanced

The world's first water-cooled under counter system still leads the market on technology. Allowing highly compact dimensions, requiring no ventilation and yet still offering market leading instant dispense rates. The Quadra Plus recovers and re-uses waste heat energy via a heat cell making it the most efficient system available today.

Quadra Plus

The Leader in Space, Energy and Time Efficiency

Space Efficiency

The Billi Quadra Plus range has the smallest under counter footprint of its kind. This water dispenser is focussed on saving precious storage space.

Energy Efficiency

Billi offers a unique energy reclaim system recovers waste heat energy. This is generated by chilling water and reusing the energy to preheat the boiling water. It is believed, due to careful composition and construction, Billi gained the lowest carbon footprint.

The Quadra Plus includes a 7-day and 24-hour time switch which conserves power. It also comes with Standby Mode which conserves energy by powering down after several moments of non-use.

Time Efficiency

Due to the highly efficient heat cell technology the Billi Quadra Plus is able to quickly dispense cups which  ensures extra control during peak periods of high demands during tea time.


The Billi Quadra is uniquely designed and does not require ventilation grills. A water cooling system is used which enhances efficiency, saves space and is cost-effective. 


Billi ensures that all boiling and chilled dispensers include a safety switch. A red lock icon demonstrates when a safety switch is activated. After 8 seconds of non-use, the system will revert to safety mode.

Splash Free Delivery

To avoid boiling water from splashing, it is controlled electronically. The flow of the water slows down as it dispenses.

Designer Taps

This range includes a drainage font, sophisticated style, advanced safety technology, easy installation and energy efficiency.

Premium Filtration

Filtration is important as all health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are removed.


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