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Intermediate Package
Intermediate Package
Core Bottled Water Cooler Intermediate Package

Intermediate Package

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Part Number:PACK2Deal
£158.33 (£190.00 inc VAT)
1 x Core Bottled Water Cooler
2 x 15L Spring Water Bottles
1000 x Cups

The Intermediate Bottled Water Cooler Package

Everything you need for the ultimate hydration experience. A fantastic offering, the Intermediate Package includes the Core Water Cooler, two 15L fully recyclable water bottles, cup dispenser, and 1000 cups.

What’s included?
  • Core Floor Standing Bottled Water Cooler
  • 2 x 15L Natural Mineral Water bottles (fully recyclable)
  • Black plastic cup dispenser
  • 1000 x 7 oz blue tint plastic cups
The Core Bottled Water Cooler offers instant access to ice cold, and room temperature water, on tap. The modern, robust design will fit right into your office, home, or business. The unit’s compact and stylish design won't look bulky, even in small spaces. It is known for its trusty, no-nonsense performance. Locate your cooler in a suitable position, and then just plug in and go. Designed to withstand frequent usage, this cooler is durable to withstand even the most demanding environments.
  • High capacity, compressor water cooler
  • Modern matte silver finish
  • Push taps for easy water dispensing
  • Accepts standard 12, 15 and 19 litre water bottles
  • All plastic parts are dishwasher safe, and the drip tray is removable making it easy to keep clean
  • Reliable and sturdy build
  • Simple, no-nonsense machine that will fit into any work environment or home
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat: want your chilled water really cold? This cooler includes an easy to adjust thermostat so you can set the exact water temperature you want
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 33.5 x 99 cm (without bottle)
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
2 x 15 Litre bottles of Spring Water. Our bottles are fully recyclable and made from 30% rPET plastic.

This universal surface-mount cup dispenser can hold up to 100 x 7 oz or 9 oz plastic cups. This handy unit comes with complete brackets and screws and can be screwed into the sides of most water coolers or attached to a wall or a surface near the water cooler. It has a strong mechanism which allows for easy single cup dispensing. 

1000 plastic cups per box. Our Blue Tint 7oz Cup is a very popular choice. The fresh blue cup looks great and is ideal for everyday use with a water cooler and is fully recyclable.