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Back to school? How to provide safe drinking water for all pupils and staff

Back to school? How to provide safe drinking water for all pupils and staff

Updated 31/08/2022

Keeping students and staff of all ages hydrated is important for their cognitive functions. With students returning to school, it's never too late to think about the best ways to keep them hydrated during the school day. The importance of hydration in education is undeniable, with studies showing that even 25ml of water can improve attention in children aged 7-9 by 31%.

How to stay hydrated at school

Hydration in education is crucial, not just for our pupils, but also for our environment. Drinking fountains and hydration stations provide low-cost, filtered water without contributing single-use plastic bottles to landfill.

Single-use plastic bottles

Yes, single-use plastic. The debate around plastic took a bit of a backseat in the wake of coronavirus, and some people even believe that drinking from single-use bottles is the safest way to consume water. If we pretend that the detrimental environmental impacts of single-use plastic bottles don't exist for a moment, providing water in this way is not cost-effective either.

A water bottle filling station allows students to use eco-friendly reusable bottles, keeping them hydrated at a low cost to you and at no cost to the environment. Other alternatives include drinking water fountains, which are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Contactless hydration products

The demand for contactless, touch-free drinking fountains, bottle fillers, and water dispensers has increased rapidly since the pandemic. Solutions include sensor-operated bottle filling stations, touch-free water dispensers (you wave your finger near the button rather than press it), and foot-operated pedals for dispensing.

Many of these solutions include UV filtration, which further protects pupils as the UV light kills any viruses in the water.

These machines can be installed as new machines, or as upgrades to existing infrastructure.

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Custom Hydration Stations for Schools

Our hydration stations are perfect for providing kids with hydration at school. We have a variety of options, including those that are both a bottle filler and a drinking water fountain, and custom branded ones.

Get in touch today to discuss our range and options for your school.

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