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Gyms reopen on July 25, how will members stay hydrated safely?

Gyms reopen on July 25, how will members stay hydrated safely?

Gym safety post-covid

Many gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools across the UK are reopening on Saturday, July 25th, with new measures such as reduced capacity and temperature checks to protect customers from Covid-19. In a world before coronavirus customers might be happy to fill their water bottle from a drinking fountain or water cooler, however as gyms reopen will these same water machines be readily available for shared, public use?

Let’s look at the options for gyms and members:

1. Deep clean and sanitisation

Many gyms across the UK have announced they are opening for reduced hours to allow for deep cleaning. Drinking fountains and water coolers can be kept clean between use by cleaning the outside surface areas such as taps with food-safe disinfectant wipes. And regularly sanitisation and filter replacement helps to ensure the machine is clean and safe to use inside and out. This should be part of any ongoing maintenance for fountains and coolers inside a gym.

Water Cooler Disinfectant Cleaning Kit & Water Cooler Sanitisation Kit:

Water Cooler Disinfectant Kit & Sanitisation Pack

2. Bring your own

One option is to bring your own water. Fill up your bottle at home (we do not recommend buying single-use plastic bottles), and use that for your gym session. The obvious disadvantage here is the finite amount of water available in your bottle before you want to refill it. And unless you have filtered water we do not recommend drinking from a standard tap. It’s safe to do so in the UK, but with the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) such as Chlorine, Mercury, and Chloramine found in tap water we prefer to avoid drinking too much of it. 

3. Contactless drinking fountains and water dispensers

Contactless, hands-free water dispensers have become increasingly in-demand following the pandemic. They work by dispensing water either via a sensor operated button or a foot pedal. This means there is no need for hands to touch the unit to dispense water. These types of units are extremely popular in public areas such as parks and town centres. 

Example of a Contactless Sensor-Operated Drinking Fountain/Bottle Filler 

Whatever method of hydration gym customers choose, the importance of keeping hydrated during physical exercise is paramount.

During July and August we are offering a 20% discount on all Oasis drinking fountains, bottle fillers, and water dispensers to help gyms as they reopen for business – including our exclusive range of Contactless, Hands-Free units. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

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