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Exploring the best water for dogs

Exploring the best water for dogs


We are all aware of the benefits of drinking filtered water and keeping hydrated. When researching comparisons between filtered and tap water, the focus seems to be on the health benefits for humans. But what about Felix and Fido?

We’re sure you want the best for your family and your pets, so we’ve done some research on the best water for dogs, cats and other furry critters to prolong their life.

Generally speaking, tap water should be safe for your dog providing it contains less than 5000 parts per million of total dissolved solids. Untreated water may contain bacteria, parasites and viruses which will leave Fluffy’s tail hanging.

There’s no reason your pets shouldn’t drink the same quality water as you. In fact, they might even prefer the taste of filtered water and expect you to serve them this “premium” drink. Cats are particularly finicky about their water. They want it fresh and the longer you leave it standing, the less likely they are to drink it.

Dehydration in dogs is serious business and can significantly lower your pet’s quality of life. As with humans, dogs can also suffer from illnesses such as bladder infection and kidney failure as a result of inadequate water consumption.

Here are 4 water sources you don’t want your dog drinking from:

1. Swimming pools – the chlorine can be really harmful to your pet.

2. Salt water – when you regularly take your dog for a walk on the beach, rather carry a water bottle with you. The high salt content is really bad for animals and doesn’t provide adequate hydration. In fact, it can lead to even greater thirst, causing them to drink more.

3. Stagnant puddles – these are breeding grounds for bacteria and various parasites and organisms such as Pythium insidiosum, which causes serious illness in dogs.

4. The toilet – even if the water running into the loo is safe, the bowl itself may not be. Unwashed toilet bowls contain many harmful nasties such as E. coli or S. aureas or cleaning chemicals that can damage your pet’s intestines.

Here’s how to ensure your dog’s water supply is fresh, clean and safe:

· Clean the water bowl at least once a day

· Purchase a reusable bottle to take along on your walks

· If you don’t have a water cooler or dispenser, consider buying a filter jug to provide Fido with clean H20

· Consider purchasing a self-filling pet fountain if it’s within your means

Making sure your pet stays healthy and hydrated will ensure you and Fido get to enjoy your morning walks for many years to come. 

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