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Even China says no to plastic!

The Plastic-free Revolution is just beginning!

A more sustainable world is a dream which 2020 could turn into a concrete project. All the more so if a great power like China is at the forefront. The Middle Empire sets serious intentions, starting from the intervention plan resented by the Commission for Development and Reforms. Objective: to decrease the use of plastic throughout the country and to promote biodegradable and recyclable alternative materials.

Plastic ban
The food packaging market in particular represents one of the main causes of the spread of disposable plastic in the country. The ambitious plan proposed by the Chinese government will be implemented gradually: from 2020, non-biodegradable plastic objects will be banned not only in restaurants, but also in shopping centers and supermarkets in Beijing and the main cities, to reach a complete ban throughout the country by the end of 2025. In concrete terms, China aims to eliminate plastic in favour of alternative materials - from cloth to paper, to new biodegradable materials - while encouraging the recycling and correct disposal of plastic waste, through an increase in separate collection. This is an important decision, as China is one of the main culprits for the pollution caused by plastic waste.?

According to United Nations estimates, over half of the plastic dispersed in the oceans comes from the countries of Southeast Asia and China's contribution to environmental protection can have a great resonance on a global level. Since 1 January 2020, many countries have decided to take concrete action to deal with the plastic emergency. The European Union has said yes to the abandonment of disposable plastics since 2021, with some interventions that have come into force in individual countries since 2020.

Supply and demand
While countries lay down future bans on plastic, it doesn’t solve the plastic waste crisis of the here and now. Petrochemicals companies are starting to prepare for a day when recycling and reuse is common worldwide, as are manufacturers and retailers. But billions of consumers will have to follow suit before that day comes. We needn’t wait until plastic is banned, we need to change our consumption habits imminently before it’s too late. Ultimately, it’s a question of supply and demand. Both will have to decline in order to truly address the plastic waste crisis. Together as a collective we must walk towards sustainable lifestyle choices, starting with consumption. You as an individual can start fighting plastic pollution now — in every purchase decision you make. 

Drinking from a refillable water bottle is an excellent place to start. We at The Water Cooler Company provide sustainable bottle refill stations, designed for refilling reusable water bottles. We designed our very own Refill Station so that businesses can install it and their customers with a sustainable hydration solution. Bottle refill stations are a great way for everyone to ditch plastic bottles and hydrate efficiently and sustainably.

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