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Has Coca-Cola found the answer to eliminating single-use plastic bottles?

Has Coca-Cola found the answer to eliminating single-use plastic bottles?

From Plastic to Paper

At The Water Cooler Company HQ we were very interested to learn about the new trials for a first paper bottle by Coca-Cola. The aim of the company is to eventually remove plastic from its entire packaging, producing zero waste as early as 2030.

As a drinking water supplier we supply returnable bottles of water for water coolers. These bottles are collected after use, washed, and re-used. However, we are always looking at alternatives to plastic, with alternatives such as water in a box, and bottles made from plants.

As with many more sustainable options there are considerations around cost, durability, ease of transport, and carrying (a 19L bottle of water for a water cooler for example weighs close to 20kg, with he design of the bottle and handle allowing for easier portability).

Soon-to-be-tested by Coca-Cola, the paper bottle isn’t completely plastic free. In order to keep a barrier between liquid and container the paper bottle will include a thin plastic liner. The aim eventually is to make this liner plant-based.

To maintain the integrity of the bottle the moulding will be a single object without the joins that can compromise the strength of the bottle.

The bottles will need to be tested in real-life environments to see how they hold up, and of course we’ll need to see whether the price of these bottles makes them appealing for customers.

Early days then, but we’re excited about the backing of one of the world’s largest drinks company in the world to finding a suitable alternative to single-use plastic.

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