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The Water Cooler Company has installed water dispensers in schools and universities across the UK. Our experience has allowed us to develop a range of plumbed water coolers, drinking water fountains and bottle filling stations ideal for busy corridors, gymnasiums, canteens and staff rooms. Our products range from junior drinking fountains suitable for primary schools, through to fountains with vandal proof taps.

Working with Head Teachers and Principals throughout the UK, we understand your requirements and the challenges you may face. We provide schools with simple and cost-effective ways for students to access safe, clean drinking water during their day at school. Keep your students and staff alert by providing a water dispenser that keeps up with the demands of academic life.

Products we Recommend for the Education sector

Contactless & Hygiene for Ultimate Safety

Perfect for schools, colleges, and universities; our Contactless & Hygiene range utilises the latest technology to keep drinking water safe and clean. Touch-free, sensor operation, fountains with components made of copper with its antimicrobial properties, and units installed with UV filtration to kill bacteria at the point of dispense. This helps ensure the provision of safe drinking water for students and staff.

Contactless VIEW RANGE

The Importance of Hydration in Schools

The benefits of staying hydrated is well-documented. Increased energy levels, concentration, good health, are all associated with drinking enough water. For children, the need for regular hydration is crucial. Because children don’t also remember to drink when they are thirsty it is important to provide students with ready access to clean, pure water.

Provision of water through installation of a drinking fountain, bottle filler, or water station helps ensure that children keep hydrated throughout the day. Using a drinking fountain or bottle filling station also helps reduce environmental waste cause by single-use plastic.

Providing easy access to drinking water on school grounds is the best way to promote the healthy habit of drinking water to all students.

20% off for Schools

We know it has been a difficult time for schools and school children. The impact of coronavirus has affected all of us. Safe distancing and stricter hygiene are very real concerns as schools look to adapt to a world post-COVID19. At The Water Cooler Company we want to do our bit to help, so we are offering schools 20% off our Oasis range of drinking fountains, bottle fillers, and water dispensers.

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