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Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station (Chilled)
Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station (Chilled)
Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station (Chilled)

Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station (Chilled)

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Part Number:OAS233
£2,981.50 (£3,577.80 inc VAT)
The EcoStream Culligan Water Refill Station is a great option for businesses to provide hydration to guests, staff and students - held within a bespoke designed cabinet at no additional cost.

Culligan EcoStream Water Refill Station (Chilled)

With a range of innovative features, the EcoStream (Chilled) refill station is designed to provide clean, refreshing water while minimizing environmental impact.

Equipped with a high-efficiency cooling system, the EcoStream delivers cool water without wasting excess energy. This eco-conscious design helps reduce electricity consumption while maintaining a refreshing temperature.

A built-in 100-micron strainer that acts as the first line of defence, effectively stopping particles and impurities before they enter the waterway. This ensures that you always enjoy pure, great-tasting water. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for high-traffic areas such as offices, schools, gyms, and public spaces.

The contactless activation feature of the EcoStream ensures a hygienic and convenient experience. Simply wave your hand near the dispenser, and the programmable auto shut-off mechanism ensures that water flow stops automatically, reducing waste.

Stay on top of maintenance with the built-in filter monitor and bottle counter. You'll never have to guess when it's time to replace the filter, as the dispenser will conveniently alert you. The bottle counter keeps track of the number of bottles filled, allowing you to monitor usage and make informed decisions.

For added branding and aesthetics, the EcoStream showcases logos permanently formed into the alcove and stainless steel wrapper. This customization option adds a touch of sophistication and reinforces your brand's identity.
  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway
  • High efficiency cooling system
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • Contactless activation with programmable auto shut off
  • Built-in filter monitor and bottle counter
  • Logos permanently formed into the alcove and stainless steel wrapper
  • LED lighted alcove