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Impending Drought in the UK

Impending Drought in the UK

Impending Drought in the UK


Although the UK is known for its usually cooler and wetter weather, recent water shortages and climate changes have afforded the UK a possibly new, less appealing, defining factor – that of drought.

In recent weeks, there has been the scare and introduction of a heatwave in the UK. This coupled with the lowering levels of water reservoirs has given rise to concern of an impending drought for the UK.


One major factor of this could be the wastage of water in the UK due to poorly maintained water infrastructure. According to UK regulatory bodies, there is an estimate of 3 billion litres of water leaked daily. This equates to high usage of roughly 20 million people.

Although leakage means water has the possibility of re-entering the water table and natural water cycle, this is often not possible as above ground infrastructure can impede this natural movement.

Another major factor that is playing a role in the prospective drought is that of the upcoming heatwave that the UK will face. This heatwave is estimated to last until August of 2018.

Although one cannot point out the exact culprits of the water shortage and heatwave, it could be wise to assume that the biggest players are the water supplier companies who have not adequately maintained their piping and infrastructure.

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