Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filling Station Maintenance Contract - One Year

Drinking Fountain & Bottle Filling Station Maintenance Contract - One Year

Part Number:CAS001
£165.00 (£198.00 inc VAT)
Maintenance Contract for Drinking Water Fountains

Maintenance Contract suitable for Drinking Water Fountains or Bottle Filling Stations - One Year

This 1 Year Maintenance Contract is designed to keep your Drinking Water Fountain or Bottle Filling Station clean and hygienic, ensuring the long-term integrity of your unit. This package includes the initial and 6 month anniversary visit to clean and sanitise your Drinking Water Fountain and replace the water filter.

Maintenance Contract - One Year includes:

  • Two professional sanitisations and water filter changes carried out by one of our experienced engineers
  • One non-chargeable call-out in the 12 month period should you have any issues with your Drinking Water Fountain

What's included in a Sanitisation?

When we sanitise your unit we clean the internal parts which come into contact with the drinking water supply as well as the external surfaces. This prevents bacterial and microbial growth and keeps your unit at optimal hygiene. We also change your water filter which removes impurities and provides you with clean, great-tasting water. Our Sanitisation programs are BWCA (The British Water Cooler Association) certified, providing you with the highest possible standard of hygiene and cleanliness for your Drinking Water Fountain or Bottle Filling Station.

More information

It is recommended that Drinking Water Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations be installed, serviced and maintained by our trained service engineers. This annual maintenance service contract costs £165+VAT per year, per Drinking Water Fountain. Discounts are available for multiple units. Spare parts are not included and any spares supplied are chargeable.