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The future of the office: What will the workplace look like post-pandemic?

The future of the office: What will the workplace look like post-pandemic?

As we’re learning to live with COVID-19, many businesses in the UK are re-imagining their workspaces as hybrid working grows in popularity. Here at Culligan, we have adopted a flexible working approach, with many employees being either fully or partially remote. We were curious about how this shift had affected people’s attitudes to the workplace and drinking water whilst at work, so we conducted a survey of our customers.

Our thoughts on the future of the office

  • A recent study showed 98% of those surveyed want to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the remainder of their careers. See what our own findings had to say on the hybrid working model

  • Are we doing enough when it comes to informing our employees on the importance of drinking water at work?

  • Instead of assigned desks for employees that may not even be in the office the majority of the time, is hot-desking the ideal solution?

  • Can we redefine what a meeting room is by replacing it with a collaborative workspace that can include remote workers as well as those in the office?

  • One of the biggest blows to social interaction due to working from home has been the absence of the ‘water cooler moment’: a chance encounter with a colleague that can range from idle chitchat to the creation of new ideas. How can we bring this back?


Our intent when creating this report was to look at how the move back to the office is going to impact our working environment.

It’s key to remember that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to our employee’s well-being and how we set out our work environments. This is why a hybrid office space is key to the future of how we work, with allowances for people to either be permanently in the office, partly remote or fully remote.

Download the full report to learn more.

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