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University of Westminster

University of Westminster


Safe and sustainable drinking water for one of London’s top universities

The University of Westminster is a prestigious university with four campuses across London. They educate up to 25,000 students annually with a vast number of facilities provided to them to ensure their needs are met whilst they carry out their studies.

They have been progressing steadily with their sustainability initiatives as well as focusing on providing clean water and sanitisation for their staff and students, with the aim to continue encouraging reducing single-use plastic.

university of westminster
MarksSpencer Objective


The university came to us asking for bottle filling solutions across their campuses. They requested high-quality, hygienic, and sustainable drinking water solutions as the university reopened following the coronavirus pandemic. They also wanted the units to be bespoke and branded in line with their university colours.


  • Tick100% hands-free drinking water solutions
  • TickReduce use of single-use plastic amongst students
  • TickHygienic water solutions that are Covid-19 safe

Our Drinking Water Solution

Concentrating on providing safe drinking water solutions to encourage healthy, hygienic hydration for students.

Water refill station
Water refill station

To meet with the university’s specification and requirements, we provided a total of 24 bottle fillers, a mixture of Refill Stations and PWSMEBQ Surface Mount units across their campuses.

Key Features

  • The Bottle Filling & Refill Stations and Surface Mount units offer an easy-to-use, fast, and efficient method of providing clean drinking water to busy environments.
  • The sensor operated hands-free design provides optimal hygiene and safety by reducing the spread of germs.
  • The LED screen displays the total amount of bottles filled, encouraging students to refill their bottles sustainably rather than purchasing single-use plastic bottles
  • Hands-free bottle refill stations offer 100% touch-free use.
  • We also provided the custom-made bespoke design at no additional cost, which elegantly ties the appliances in with the university’s reputable branding.
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Clean Water

dispensed per hour

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Plastic Bottles Saved

per hour from being thrown into landfills

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provided with safe, clean drinking water

drinking water


Despite education making the move to online classes with the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of education providers are moving back to in-person teaching as time goes on. Therefore, we are ecstatic to be providing clean drinking water and hygienic, robust facilities for students who are attending the university campuses.

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