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Tommy Hilfiger Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein


Hydrating stores and warehouses for Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are well-known designer, lifestyle, and clothing brands and have many stores across the UK.

They are part of PVH Corp, which is one of the world’s biggest fashion companies that service over 40 countries. They are committed to sustainability and driving fashion forward and delivering sustainable growth.

Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein
MarksSpencer Objective


PVH Corp approached us in 2021 to provide hydration solutions for their brands Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. They have 79 stores across the UK and were looking for hydration solutions for their warehouses and stores.


  • TickChange from bottle-fed water coolers to plumbed in
  • TickFresh and hygienic water
  • TickReduce single-use plastic waste

Our Drinking Water Solution

Focusing on creating a sustainable hydration facility, whilst facilitating a very busy environment.

Mains Fed BLK
Mains Fed BLK

Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger were looking to replace their existing bottle-fed water coolers with plumbed in water coolers in order to save space in their warehouses and reduce plastic waste.

Benefits of Mains-Fed Water Coolers vs Bottled Water Coolers

  • More environmentally friendly – Whilst our water bottles are washed and reused multiple times to ensure long life-time value, installing a mains-fed machine is an even better solution to help reduce the issue of plastic waste.
  • Simple installation and use – Just plug into your mains and go. This makes mains-fed machines accessible for anyone to maintain and use easily.
  • Constant supply of clean, filtered water – Some coolers having additional filtration and anti-bacterial options to keep your water refreshing and pure.
  • Save money and space - Sleek, modern designs suited for a variety of environments, as well no longer needing to buy and store more water bottle refills.
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Stores across the UK

Supplied water by our water coolers

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Reduces Single-Use Plastic

by encouraging hydration at our coolers

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Antimicrobial Components

For added hygiene and safety

drinking water


Hydration is important for any workforce, and the fashion industry is not exempt.

We are thrilled to supply Tommy Hllfiger and Calvin Klein stores and warehouses with our water coolers, ensuring that their staff and customers have access to clear, filtered and covid-safe water.

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