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OCS Group - Highfields & Penn Fields School


Hydration in Education

OCS Group is an international facilities management company that provides solutions that reflect their customer’s values. They came to us when they were tasked with managing and improving the facilities for Highfields school and Penn Fields School in Wolverhampton.

Sustainability is core to OCS’ ethos, which, coupled with the importance of hydration for kids in education, meant that the hydration solution was of the utmost importance.

OCS Group
OCS Group Objective


The international facilities management group, OCS Group, approached us to provide and install drinking water units within 2 schools, which needed to be high capacity, durable, have bottle filling and direct drink capabilities. The solutions also had to be simple to use, as well as accessible for children of all ages.


  • TickEasy to use, sustainable facilities
  • TickDurable, high-capacity to support busy student environment
  • TickBespoke, accessible designs to fit with school branding

Our Drinking Water Solution

Focusing on creating a sustainable hydration facilities to encourage healthy hydration amongst students.

POU water coolers
POU water coolers

With our 6 Floor standing POU Water Coolers, 6 Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains and a Bottle Filling Station, we were able to provide this essential resource to the schools; as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Benefits of installing efficient drinking water facilities within schools

  • Easy access to pure, refreshing drinking water
  • Reduces single-use plastic bottle waste by encouraging bottle refill culture
  • Increases focus and concentration in children’s learning capabilities
  • Helps prevent child obesity by providing a healthy alternative to sugary beverages
  • Encourages children to keep hydrated and drink healthily
  • Providing accessible options allow access to children of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages
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Hydrated each school day

varying from ages 5 to 19

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Accessible units

in each bank of refill points

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COVID-secure facilities

providing hygienic access to drinking water

drinking water


Hydration is key in the development of children’s minds and learning capabilities. Having access to hygienic drinking water is more important than ever after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to introducing our drinking water appliances throughout the schools, we have been able to play our part in the healthy education of the students, as well as helping to keep staff hydrated too.

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