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Maidenhead Library

Maidenhead Library,
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead


Keeping the local community hydrated

Maidenhead Library, in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, is a hub for the local community that provides spaces to hire, regular events and a café for members of the public to enjoy.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead have an Environment and Climate strategy with the goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Two of the four themes that their strategy is focused on include improving the provision of water, such as reducing waste consumption with single used plastic, and improving the natural environment with cleaner air, higher water quality and increased biodiversity.

Maidenhead Library
Maidenhead Library Objective


Maidenhead Library approached us in 2021 as they were looking for a hydration solution that would provide easy access to drinking water for the local community, as well as be environmentally friendly.


  • TickEasy to use mains-fed water coolers
  • TickHygienic units to provide safe water
  • TickEco-friendly, sustainable hydration solution

Our Drinking Water Solution

Focussing on sustainability and reliability to provide high-quality, chilled drinking water to the community.

Kalix Floor Standing Mains-Fed Water Coolers
Kalix Floor Standing Mains-Fed Water Coolers

Based on the requirements on the projects, we provided 10 Kalix Floor Standing Mains-Fed Water Coolers to hydrate the Maidenhead Library staff and local community.

Key Features

  • Instantly chilled water with Direct Chill cooling technology.
  • Built for busy environments; this reliable high-capacity appliance serves multiple users with ease.
  • Self-draining drip tray that can be removed for convenience and easy cleaning in a dishwasher.
  • The large water dispensing area allows for refillable bottles and carafes to fit with ease, encouraging a refill culture amoungst the community and helping to reduce single-use plastic waste from bottled water.
  • Adjustable thermostat control and safety limiter allows for full control of hot and cold water temperatures.
  • Front panel door allows for easy access to filters making sanitization effortless.
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Kalix Units Supplied

throughout the library facilities

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Cups of Chilled Water

dispensed to the community per hour

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Reduces Single-Use Plastic

by encouraging hydration at our coolers

drinking water


Libraries aren’t just about loaning books. Maidenhead Library now has 10 plumbed in water coolers installed, allowing them to hydrate the community that visit the library for their resources and events.

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